Zurich Master Trust

Actively managed to meet the retirement needs of your employees.

Focused on positive outcomes for employees

Over the years we’ve always taken a positive, active approach to managing money and we are widely recognised for our excellence in investment management. Our hands-on approach and long-term consistent track record of investment outperformance results in better retirement outcomes for scheme members. People retiring with Zurich have enjoyed better retirement pots as a direct result of our better investment returns. *

Peace of mind

The Zurich Master Trust is simply a defined contribution (DC) pension scheme set up under trust. It differs from traditional DC pension schemes in that multiple employers all coexist under the one trust deed, hence the term ‘master trust’.

The key benefit of a master trust arrangement with Zurich is that all trustee duties are carried out by Zurich Trustee Services Ltd (ZTSL), one of Ireland’s largest and most respected trustee companies. Companies operating under the Zurich Master Trust arrangement will not need to appoint their own trustee boards to manage the associated governance and compliance requirements – all scheme governance is managed by ZTSL.

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*Source: Zurich Life & MoneyMate, November 2021.

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