Help with your payments

We’re committed to being flexible and working with our customers on a case by case basis. We’ve a trained team to deal with customers experiencing financial difficulties, to help and support our customers during this challenging time.

We provide a number of solutions to help our customers.

For our Insurance customers:

  • Refunds for reduced risk for our business insurance customers.
  • Refunds for vehicles no longer in use for our commercial motor customers.
  • Maintaining full cover for our commercial property customers where premises may no longer be occupied.
  • Flexible direct debit payment plans.

For our Life, Savings & Investment and Pension customers:

  • For our guaranteed term life insurance products, you can reinstate your policy within three months of the date of first missing a premium. 
  • You can take a savings premium holiday of up to three months.
  • You can take a pension contributions holiday of up to 12 months (or three months if you have paid less than 12 months’ contributions).

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