Zurich HelpPoint
Zurich HelpPoint

Introducing Zurich HelpPoint

We contacted over 39,000 customers from around the world and asked them what they wanted. The answer that came back? Help.

  • Help at the moments that matter most.
  • Help that understands your business.
  • Help that shortens the distance between problems and resolution.
  • Help that adapts and changes as your life changes.
  • Help that goes the extra mile.
  • Help that understands you and the world you live in.
  • Help that delivers.
  • Help that says the customer is the point.

Zurich HelpPoint is the collective term for the many guidance, solution and service offerings we deliver that capture our commitment to putting customers at the heart of all we do. With 60,000 employees able to serve customers in more than 170 countries, help is on the way.