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27/05/2024 | Zurich Ireland | Ian Slattery

Mixed equity market reactions to global PMI data

The major indices recorded widely varying results over the week. Equities saw a surge in the major tech-heavy indices, largely driven by NIVIDA’s strong earnings report, while the Dow suffered its worst week since early April, writes Ian Slattery. 
27/05/2024 | Zurich Ireland

Five reasons why a regular protection review is essential

Regularly reviewing and updating a clients protection plan is important to ensure that it remains aligned with changing financial circumstances, goals, and market conditions. 
23/05/2024 | Zurich Ireland | Richard Temperley

May 2024 monthly investment news

April marked a shift in investor sentiment as a series of higher readings from inflation metrics in the US saw investors re-evaluate their interest rate expectations. Higher inflation triggered stock markets to pull back from recent highs as the Federal Reserve’s willingness to cut interest rates decreased, writes Richard Temperley.