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25/09/2023 | Zurich Ireland | Ian Slattery

Markets lower as US rates to be higher for longer

The Federal Reserve kept the key interest rate in the 5.25%-5.50% following their two-day meeting last week, writes Ian Slattery. Whilst the move (or lack thereof) was in line with market expectations the post meeting press conference was seen as relatively hawkish by market participants.  
25/09/2023 | Zurich Ireland | Richard Temperley

September 2023 monthly investment news

August saw risk assets retreat as sentiment declined off recent highs with markets trimming the previous gains equities had experienced throughout much of 2023, writes Richard Temperley.

18/09/2023 | Zurich Ireland | Ian Slattery

Markets take latest ECB hike in their stride

The ECB raised rates by 0.25% on Thursday afternoon, which brought the headline deposit rate to a new historic high of 4.0%, writes Ian Slattery.