Our Campaigns

Welcome to Zurich’s campaign centre. You will find all the tips and tools you’ll need to engage with customers and drive new business.

Master Trust

With increasing scheme regulatory complexity and cost, the Zurich Master Trust future-proofs employee pension provision by bringing expertise and dedication to scheme governance.

Regular savings

Savings can build up quickly over a short amount of time and this campaign gives a clear understanding of our Easy Access Saving and Investment plans.


Small changes can make a big difference for your business. Find all the supports you need to re-energise your business and re-engage your clients.

Financial advice

We have developed non-branded videos that you can use on your own website and which highlight the benefits of a financial advisor.


No two investors are the same, so we have compiled a comprehensive toolkit for either the first time or seasoned investor.


Nobody wants to think about needing life insurance, but this campaign explains why it’s good to have protection in place.

DC Pensions

Find out more about how you can tap into the potential that exists within the DC market and compelling reasons to partner with Zurich.

School Costs

Find out what the future expenses will be for education in Ireland and the best ways for your customers to achieve their savings goals.