Non branded videos promoting financial advice

We carried out research to gain insights into peoples’ attitudes towards financial advisors when it comes to pensions, savings and life insurance. The research also revealed the benefits of financial advisors in general with 78% of respondents stating they would recommend a financial advisor to family and friends.

With this in mind, we have developed some non-branded videos that you can use on your own website. You’ll find all you need below.

How to download: Once you click on the link “download this video for your website”, hit the ellipsis on the bottom right to begin the download.

Important: These are non-branded videos and therefore do not include CPC warnings etc. In order to ensure you are compliant, when embedding these videos on your webpage(s) please ensure you display adequate consumer protection warnings.


Financial advice: Life Insurance

Financial advice: Pensions

Financial advice: Savings

Financial advice: compilation video