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02/10/2023 | Zurich Ireland | Ian Slattery

Equities slip on subsiding ‘soft landing’ expectations

Equities slipped once again last week as the ‘soft landing’ narrative was challenged in the face of some weak economic data, writes Ian Slattery. 
02/10/2023 | Zurich Ireland

Three reasons why talking about death shouldn’t be spooky

Death and the need for life insurance isn’t always an easy topic to bring up with a client. When making a financial plan they will often prefer to focus on more tangible, positive things like buying a home, saving for their kids’ college education, or planning for retirement.

28/09/2023 | Zurich Ireland

Ensure you are using latest application forms

When submitting offline business (Paper/PDF completed and emailed to Zurich) it's really important you're using the most up-to-date version of our application forms.