Marketing Team Zurich Life

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In addition to managing the Zurich brand, one of the primary functions of the Marketing Department is to provide support to Financial Brokers at all stages in the sales process. This involves producing policy issue documentation and also writing, designing and issuing marketing collateral such as brochures, sales aids, digital toolkits, and technical guides. Investment marketing, advertising and regular Broker communications are vital components in supporting the sales process.

Our marketing department is composed of three teams, Marketing Services, Digital Marketing and our in-house Graphic Design team.

Marketing together with our Operations area is also responsible for the management of Zurich Life's Broker Centre which provides top quality online services to Brokers allowing you to submit applications, access client details, values and correspondence as well as a wealth of industry information and sales literature. In addition, the Digital Marketing team provide information for Brokers to enhance their online presence with guides on social selling, SEO, content optimisation and online advertising.

We also organise Broker conferences and workshops, sponsorships and events, with the aim of keeping our Brokers informed of industry news and product developments.

The team works very closely with other departments in the company and daily with your Broker Consultants.


Elaine Fitzpatrick
Head of Marketing