Group Risk

Whether you are a new company setting up a Group Risk scheme for the first time, or looking to switch provider, we have a range of products and options to suit your needs.

Market leader

Zurich is a market leader in the area of Group Risk and has been providing group risk cover for over 30 years.

Our group risk products are flexible and can be tailored to your benefit package design.

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What makes Zurich products different

When it comes to Group Risk cover, we want to make sure that your needs are being met. We do this by focusing on three key features:

  • Flexibility: Zurich works with you to build a customised Group Risk solution that meets the unique needs of your business and your employees.
  • Our "No exclusion" approach: We provide the widest cover available by minimising the exclusions on your policy, including no travel, war or civil commotion, drug or alcohol, sports or hazardous activities and self-inflicted injuries exclusions.

Claims management

When an employee must make use of Group Disability cover, we take a pro-active approach to their recovery to help make sure that they avail of the best level of care, get back on their feet and return to work as soon as possible. That is why we appoint each claim a dedicated case manager and make sure to pay valid claims with minimal fuss.

Taking preventative measures at the earliest point in order to offset an injury or illness makes the most sense for both your company and employees. For example, availing of timely treatment for a back injury could result in a swifter recovery and return to work; whereas waiting a longer period of time before treating the issue lengthens both personal discomfort and work absence.

We offer:

  • Medical treatment.
  • Functional capacity evaluations.
  • Tailor-made 'return-to-work' programmes.
  • Occupational rehabilitation.
  • Proportionate benefit payable in some circumstances if an employee returns to a different occupation.

Our range of benefits

Zurich's comprehensive products allow us to offer financial cover to your employees in a wide range of circumstances. Each product can be tailored to the needs of your scheme members, so that they and their dependents are well protected, whatever the situation.

Group Life Insurance

  • Group Life Insurance, or Death-in-Service, ensures that an employee's dependants will be financially provided for in the event of the employee's death.
  • Payment can be made via Lump Sum, Spouse's Pension, or Children's Pension.
  • You can choose the level of cover, which we will provide with minimum underwriting requirements.

Group Income Protection

  • Group Income Protection, or Permanent Health Insurance (PHI), protects your employees from loss of income due to long-term illness or injury.
  • You can choose the level of cover, as well as the length of deferred period.
  • You can also opt to offer inflation protection. You can opt to include Pension Contribution Protection, or Premium Protection/Waiver of Premium benefit, which insures contributions to an employee's pension plan when they are on long-term sick leave.

Group Serious Illness

  • Group Serious Illness Cover pays a lump sum to employees if they are diagnosed with one of a number of specified serious illnesses.
  • A serious illness payment will be made only once.

For more information on our Group Risk Solutions, you can download our brochure here .

Why Zurich?

Part of the international Zurich Insurance Group, Zurich has been dealing in Corporate Pensions in Ireland for almost 40 years. With a Standard & Poor's financial strength rating of AA/stable*, it's no wonder that over 1,000 Irish businesses trust Zurich with their pension. Our dedicated team is committed to making sure your employees know that we are always on hand to meet their needs and help them to get involved with their pension.

*Source: Standard & Poor's, March 2021. Financial Strength Rating is for Zurich Insurance Company Ltd (ZIC). ZIC is the sole shareholder of Zurich Holding Ireland Limited which is the sole shareholder of Zurich Life.

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