Company Pension Plans

Providing your employees with access to a Company Pension scheme is essential if they are to enjoy a comfortable life in retirement.

Company pensions are essential for employees

A Company Pension - sometimes referred to as a DC Pension or Occupational Pension is a pension plan provided by an employer for its employees.

It is a tax efficient way for you to help ensure your employees are financially secure in retirement as it offers employees the opportunity to avail of tax-reliefs against contributions.

We offer defined contribution (DC) company pensions - Trust Based, Contract Based (PRSA) or a combination (Zurich Fusion).

Benefits for employers and employees

As an employer, providing a Company Pension Plan to your employees will help attract new staff and retain existing employees.

Zurich will play an active role in engaging your employees so they are involved in their retirement planning, and therefore recognise the value of your company's investment in them.

Group PRSA Pensions

Many Group Pensions are trust based arrangements. A Group PRSA (Personal Retirement Savings Account) is different from a Group Pension because Group PRSAs are individually-owned contracts. You and your employers can avail of tax-reliefs against contributions and the pension plan does not require trustees.

Find out what Zurich can do for you.

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