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The ECB raised rates by 0.25% on Thursday afternoon, which brought the headline deposit rate to a new historic high of 4.0%, writes Ian Slattery. 

With close to two-thirds of private sector workers not having a private pension fund*, the value of an employer sponsored pension scheme to employees cannot be overstated, writes Ciara O’Brien, Senior Portfolio Manager at Zurich Life. 

Equity markets ended the week down as slowing investors revaluated the potential interest rate environment, writes Ian Slattery. 
Last week saw US equities show positive returns after a shaky August, showing their biggest weekly gain in over five weeks, writes Ian Slattery. 
Last week saw US equities post their worst performance in several months as investors revaluated the prospects for higher interest rates for longer, due to resilient economic data, writes Ian Slattery. 

US equities showed mixed performance last week as in the month of August markets have broken their upward track seen throughout much of 2023, writes Ian Slattery.

Last week saw several major central banks deliver interest rate decisions. In the US, the Federal Reserve increased rates by 0.25% to a range of 5.25%- 5.50%, writes Ian Slattery.

US Stocks continued to march higher last week, returning 1.3% in Euro terms as investors priced in the likelihood of a ‘soft landing’ for the US economy, writes Ian Slattery.

Last week saw US equities finish positively as data suggested a cooling of inflation. On Wednesday, the release of consumer price index (CPI) data, saw markets enter a ‘risk-on’ session in the US, writes Ian Slattery. 
Last week saw US equities down -1.6% in euro terms as strong data in the US jobs market led many to anticipate further action from the Federal Reserve, writes Ian Slattery. 
US stocks ended the midpoint of 2023 on a positive note as improved macroeconomic data saw US stocks rally, writes Ian Slattery. 
Last week saw US equities have their poorest performance since the March banking turmoil, as investor sentiment lowered on recession fears, writes Ian Slattery.