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‘We encourage people to start as early as possible’, says Tommy Shannon, managing director of Excel Industries. This article is an Irish Times Content Studio production.

In today's TechTalk we look at Co-habiting Couples and Taxation in Ireland. According to the Central Statistics Office (CSO), the number of couples co-habiting has been on the increase.

Busy mum of three, Michelle O'Donohoe is planning for her children’s futures. In this video interview she talks about her motivations for saving and why seeking guidance from a financial advisor helped her get started on her smart saving journey. 

‘A pension is a really important benefit because it’s a very tax efficient way of saving for retirement,’ says Maeve McCleane of Lidl Ireland. This article is an Irish Times Content Studio production.

We are delighted to launch the next phase of our digital roadmap for corporate pensions - fixed direct debit contribution updates for Group Pension and Group PRSA schemes.
We are delighted to announce that our latest nationwide advertising campaign and the first to feature the Zurich Master Trust and Corporate Pensions is now live.
We’re all very familiar with the ago old saying – it’s time, not timing, that matters in investment markets.
‘Getting underwriting decisions as quickly as possible’ - this is one of the most common pieces of feedback we receive. With that in mind, we are delighted to announce our latest improvement to our risk journey.

In this investment podcast recorded on April 8th 2022, Ian Slattery, Zurich Investment Consultant, speaks about recent market movements, what this might mean for investors and what Zurich's Investment outlook is in relation to the Zurich funds. All the information contained in this podcast was accurate at the time of recording.

Stocks finished lower last week as the minutes from the last Federal Reserve FOMC meeting were released, writes Ian Slattery. 
Equities slipped late last week as the first quarter of 2022 closed out, writes Ian Slattery. 
Stocks finished higher once more and are now at their highest level since 10th February, writes Ian Slattery.