We’re delighted to announce the latest addition to our Signature Free ‘OnlineApply’ offering – Single Premium Personal Pensions, including transfers from other life offices.

Although an Approved Retirement Fund’s primary purpose in retirement is to provide a source of income for the retiree, another factor to consider for those that have an ARF is that ARF withdrawals can result in a PRSI record being accrued for the individual which can be very useful for boosting their PRSI credits and accessing state benefits such as the State Pension (Contributory).

Earlier this week the Pensions Authority announced significant changes to the rules governing Executive Pension Plans. So what are the implications to these changes?

As you know, in late April 2021 the EU IORP II Directive was transposed into Irish Law making significant changes to the Pensions Act. This blog details these changes. 

A proposed auto-enrolment retirement savings system could be introduced in Ireland as early as next year. So, who will be required to automatically enrol in the new scheme? Zurich Head of Corporate Life & Pensions Joe Creegan explains how it could work. This article was originally published in Accountancy Ireland.

‘We encourage people to start as early as possible’, says Tommy Shannon, managing director of Excel Industries. This article is an Irish Times Content Studio production.

‘A pension is a really important benefit because it’s a very tax efficient way of saving for retirement,’ says Maeve McCleane of Lidl Ireland. This article is an Irish Times Content Studio production.

Zurich’s annual research into pension coverage in Ireland reveals the benefits of paying into a retirement fund and provides insights on the attitude of adults towards financial advisors during COVID-19.
Personal Pension Term Insurance is available to those who are self employed and taxed under Schedule D (Case I or II) or those in non-pensionable employment which is an employment that is not linked to an occupational or statutory scheme and taxed under Schedule E.
As we move into the busiest time of year for us all we'd like to share some of our newest brochures and sales aids to help you throughout pension season! 
How is it different to a savings account?: 5 big questions about pensions, tackled by an expert. This article was first published on thejournal.ie.

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