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Death and the need for life insurance isn’t always an easy topic to bring up with a client. When making a financial plan they will often prefer to focus on more tangible, positive things like buying a home, saving for their kids’ college education, or planning for retirement.

In this edition of Protection Insider we take a look at Zurich’s claims experience, how to have a conversation with clients about income protection and explain why income protection is especially important for self-employed customers.

New pricing, transparent underwriting and our latest award win

In the nine months since we launched our Income Protection product to the market, we have been delighted with such a huge response, positive feedback and the sales we have achieved in such a short space of time.

Having made it through a pandemic that many of us probably thought was going to be an enforced two week stay at home in March 2020, now is the time to take notice of what kind of financial protection we hold and should hold.

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In December we were delighted to announce that Zurich’s new Income Protection plan, the latest addition to our Protection suite, was live and open for business, explains Ronan O’Neill, Head of Retail at Corporate Marketing at Zurich.

Over the last decade we’ve seen a growing focus across the insurance world of companies developing and enhancing their serious illness protection propositions. While you’ll often hear the claim that ‘it’s not about the number of conditions’, sometimes the evidence goes against this.

Research by Zurich reveals that there are many great benefits to be gained from engaging with a financial advisor – especially when it comes to life insurance.

Ensuring customers are able to maintain their protection in place is more important now than ever. Zurich’s Reinstatement Clause has been a valuable benefit on Protection products for as long as we can remember for more information, see below.