In this week’s TechTalk we tackle two topics that we get plenty of questions on daily - backdating tax relief, along with calculating scope for AVCs when you're a public servant.
In this issue of TechTalk, we look at the treatment of Approved Retirement Funds (ARFs), Approved Minimum Retirement Funds (AMRF’s) and Vested PRSA’s on death and in particular examine the tax consequences on payments made as a result.
The assignment model versus putting a policy under trust.
In this issue, we examine how the company arranges a policy of life insurance to cover the company should a key employee die or suffer a serious illness.
In this month’s TechTalk, we discuss where there is a need for Corporate Co-Director Insurance.

Every year millions of dollars in unclaimed superannuation money is left behind by people who don’t realise they are able to claim their contributions when they leave.

In this issue, we look at co-director insurance. We examine where there is a need for insurance and how the policies of insurance are set up.

Markets moved higher throughout the course of the week, as analysts cheered the concept of the ‘Powell Put’.

In this months TechTalk we discuss where there is a need for Partnership Insurance.
State pension increases and revenue practice impacting holders of approved minimum retirement funds.