Prisma Multi-Asset Funds

Recognising that scheme members require investment solutions that match their needs, Zurich developed the Prisma Multi-asset fund range. No one wants to take unnecessary risks with their investment but there is an important trade-off between risk and return. 

Risk targeted

Zurich provides five investment funds designed and defined to volatility bands that match risk profiles from two through to six.

Built on expertise

Zurich Investments consists of experienced and highly qualified investment specialists, with a proven track record of making the right asset allocation decisions at the right times.

Actively managed

The Prisma Funds are actively managed by the Zurich Investment team. This means that our fund managers can make specific investments within each fund and they can respond to market movements as and when they happen.


Each multi-asset fund is diversified and can include equities, bonds, property, cash and alternatives. Alternatives may include, but are not limited to; oil, gold, inflation-linked government bonds, soft commodities, industrial metals and corporate bonds.

Great value

The Prisma Funds are competitively priced at the normal Zurich product annual management charge.

Equity ranges

The investment universe of the Prisma Funds has a global reach - extending across global equities, bonds, property, cash and alternatives. Each asset class will tend to deliver different levels of performance at different stages of the economic cycle.

Performance leads to better outcomes for members

For company pension schemes, good consistent fund performance is key as it leads to better retirement outcomes for scheme members. This consistency of positive performance is the hallmark of a Company Pension scheme with Zurich.

Source: MoneyMate, February 2022. Annualised performance figures are provided gross of annual management charge based on close of markets prices 28/02/2022. The return is based on an investment in the fund and does not represent the return achieved by individual policies linked to the fund.

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