Zurich Ireland Voice Services

When it comes to planning your future, saving is a great place to start. Whatever your goals are, saving with Zurich Ireland is a smart move. The ‘Zurich Ireland Voice Services’ Action offers you multiple savings calculators to help when it comes to planning for your future.

Zurich is the first insurance company in Ireland to leverage the capabilities of digital voice assistants, such as Google Home and Amazon Alexa, to enable parents to quickly estimate the likely cost of their children’s education. 

By simply speaking to Zurich Ireland Voice Services, you can calculate the monthly savings required when saving for a specific amount, especially if you plan to save for a mortgage, home renovations, your children’s education, a holiday or a wedding.

Are you planning to save for your children’s education? ‘Talk to Zurich Ireland’ and choose from the menu to find out how much you should be saving to put your children through secondary school or third level education. The Google Action data is updated annually, so you know that you are getting the most recent cost of education data available in Ireland.