How to save on electricity and gas bills in 2022

With rising energy costs and environmental concerns at the fore, making your home energy efficient and sustainable is a big concern for people. Zurich's 13 energy saving tips will help reduce your electricity and gas bills in 2022.

Due to inflation and the rising cost of living, we are all more aware of how to save money on bills, especially when it comes to energy costs. In addition, environmental and climate concerns are driving people to live more sustainably. Our blog on sustainable living within the home has plenty of handy tips to get you started.

One place to start saving on energy costs and introduce sustainable measures is within the home. Practical and simple changes can make all the difference especially when it comes to saving on electricity and gas bills. Check out Energia’s breakdown of the average cost of popular household appliances here.

Top 13 energy saving tips that can help you

Here are some easy and quick ways to save on your energy costs:

Don’t stand by:

Consoles, TVs, printers, speakers, baby monitors – if you’re not using them, turn them off.

Go without:

Could you use a washing line instead of the dryer. Could you wash the dishes by hand as opposed to using the dishwasher? Limit your use of electric appliances where you can.

Grab a bowl:

Small changes, big results. Washing in a bowl saves more water than a free running tap.

30 degrees lowers your fees:

Most detergents are strong enough to give a thorough wash at 30 degrees, saving more energy than you’d expect.

Put the kettle on

Don't boil full kettles for one cup of tea or coffee. Only boil what you need so you’re not wasting energy unnecessarily.

Smart cooking

Keep your oven door shut as much as possible so hot air doesn’t escape. If you can, plan your cooking well as batch cooking will save you time and energy. If possible, use a slow cooker or air fryer for meals as these are more energy efficient compared to an oven. You can also reduce your use of the oven by using a microwave for reheating food and a toaster instead of the grill.

Keep a lid on it

When using your hob, covering your pots and pans with a lid as this will help things cook faster. Also use the right sized pan to fit the hob size as this will also reduce the amount of energy you use.

Dodge the draughts:

Easy and low cost. Get your DIY on, and use weather stripping tape, excluders and sealant.

Go green:

Consider switching to green energy. Solar panels fitted to your home could save you money in the long run.

Light up your world:

With LED bulbs you can reduce your energy bill and also turn off lights when not in use to save on your electricity bill.

Keep your boiler in tip-top condition:

Get your boiler serviced once a year as not only will it increase its lifespan, but it could also run more efficiently and therefore reduce your bills.

Timing is everything:

Use a timer for your heater and your lights so that they only come on, and stay on, for a specified time.

How low can you go:

Set your thermostat a degree or two lower to reduce your energy consumption.

Energy efficient in the home

These energy saving tips will help reduce your electricity and gas bills in 2022. The more energy efficient your home, the more likely you will be able to reduce your energy costs and bills. Plus, it will cut down on your carbon footprint. We also have some handy tips to improve your home’s BER rating, which are worth checking out too. 

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