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At Zurich Life, we are committed to providing an excellent customer service. So, whether you're investing for your long-term future, or putting a little aside for a rainy day, we're here to help.

We have provided answers to some FAQs that we get regularly.

If you wish to encash or surrender a savings/investment policy, please use our Payment Request Form (also in the useful forms section).

If you can’t find what you are looking for, call us on 01 799 2711 and we will help you with your query.

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Selecting the right product for you may seem confusing, but you can get advice from a financial adviser near you. A financial adviser can take you through all of the products available on the market - not just those offered by Zurich Life - and help you select the one that suits you. Our handy financial advisor tool will help you find an advisor in your area.

We can provide you with secure online access to the details of your policy. Among the details you can view is a daily updated value of the policy. Apply now for access.

We will also provide you with a yearly report telling you how your investment is performing together with a report on the funds in which you have invested.

The prices of all our funds are updated regularly on our website and you can calculate the growth of these funds between two dates of your choice.

You can move your unit holdings among the different investment unit funds available. This gives you extra flexibility to change the return-risk profile of your investment as your needs change.

The first four switches you make in each policy year are free of charge. A charge will be made for each subsequent switch. This charge is currently €20 and was last set on 1st January 2002; it is guaranteed not to increase by more than the increase in the Consumer Price Index since the charge was last set.

If you choose to switch out of the SuperCAPP fund, a market level adjustment may be applied. There are also limits on the amount that may be switched into the SuperCAPP fund, in order to protect the interests of all SuperCAPP fund investors. These limits vary from time to time. Details of current limits are available from us on request.

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