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In the US, equities closed the week on a mostly positive note after favourable inflation updates. The Nasdaq joined the S&P 500 index in record territory for the first time in over two years, writes Ian Slattery. 
If you are thinking of starting a private pension or have just started and are looking for more information, Zurich financial advisor Brendan McCormack answers many of the questions beginners usually have. 
Creating a brighter future for employees, customers and the communities it operates in underpins Zurich’s commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging.  Our ‘This is Us: This is Me’ campaign, highlights a wonderful example of how our employees have created a supportive community for our colleagues.

Following the 2023 Q4 rally, performance across asset classes was mixed in January, writes Richard Temperley.

Many of you might have a pension quietly humming away in the background, but have you ever stopped to consider the benefits of an upgrade? This article was first published on Independent.ie.

Marie Kirwan, Senior Financial Planner at Zurich explains how early planning can lead to a more comfortable retirement. This article was first published on Independent.ie.

If you are thinking of investing a sum of money in a Zurich Investment Bond, you have two great options. Read on to find out more.

On Tuesday, the latest US Consumer Price Index (CPI) data was released, coming in hotter than expected, writes Ian Slattery. 
Driving when it’s sunny can be a picturesque experience, especially compared to driving in bad weather. But it comes with its own set of challenges especially as sun glare can pose visibility issues. In this article, we’ll explore practical tips and strategies to navigate the roads safely when faced with the glaring sun.

Whether you are self-employed or already in a company pension scheme or in non-pensionable employment, the need to save for a pension for your retirement is abundantly clear. So, in this article we are just going to focus on the tax saving benefits which are available from the government to encourage people to plan for their retirement – and hopefully demonstrate why pensions are the most tax efficient form of savings around.