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The vast majority of fires in the home are avoidable. You can help reduce the risk of a fire occurring in your home by reducing potential fire hazards and taking some simple safety precautions.

This 10-step guide on how to change a flat tyre covers instructions and tools needed to replace a punctured tyre. Learn to use a jack with a spare tyre in no time.
The Federal Reserve kept the key interest rate in the 5.25%-5.50% following their two-day meeting last week, writes Ian Slattery. Whilst the move (or lack thereof) was in line with market expectations the post meeting press conference was seen as relatively hawkish by market participants.  

August saw risk assets retreat as sentiment declined off recent highs with markets trimming the previous gains equities had experienced throughout much of 2023, writes Richard Temperley.

The ECB raised rates by 0.25% on Thursday afternoon, which brought the headline deposit rate to a new historic high of 4.0%, writes Ian Slattery. 
A common question people that are looking to buy an electric vehicle ask themselves is how far can an electric vehicle (EV) go in one charge. In this article we are going to look at electric car battery range and help you work out how much range you will need to confidently make your journeys.  
Equity markets ended the week down as slowing investors revaluated the potential interest rate environment, writes Ian Slattery. 

Whether your children are in primarysecondary or third level education, chances are you are counting the costs. If you have children in private school, then you have an additional expense which we will focus on in this article.

The cost of buying a house in Ireland doesn’t just involve making a final offer. There are additional costs like solicitor and conveyancing fees and stamp duty. Knowing how stamp duty rates in Ireland can impact your home purchase is important and, in this article, we provide a guide on stamp duty for residential properties.
Last week saw US equities show positive returns after a shaky August, showing their biggest weekly gain in over five weeks, writes Ian Slattery. 
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