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If you are thinking of starting a private pension or have just started and are looking for more information, Zurich financial advisor Brendan McCormack answers many of the questions beginners usually have. 

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Whether you are self-employed or already in a company pension scheme or in non-pensionable employment, the need to save for a pension for your retirement is abundantly clear. So, in this article we are just going to focus on the tax saving benefits which are available from the government to encourage people to plan for their retirement – and hopefully demonstrate why pensions are the most tax efficient form of savings around.

Need some help kick starting your savings habits? One of the most effective ways to start saving is to create a budget. Whether you want to save for an emergency or rainy-day fund, repay debts or track your expenses, our step-by-step guide and tools will help you budget and get on track with your savings goal. 

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How to get started with investing in your future as early as possible to reap the full rewards. This article was first published on

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In this article we are going to provide a step-by-step guide to help you set realistic financial goals, how to adjust your saving plan accordingly, and explain how to evaluate whether you are on target to reach your savings objective.