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Want to know the current value of your policy? Wondering what its future worth will be? Need to check your contribution history? All this information - and more - is at your fingertips on our online Client Centre. So, you can view all the details of your policy, the performance of your funds and review important documents - anytime, anywhere.

Product features

  • Check the current value of your policy.
  • Values are updated daily - so you always have an accurate view.
  • Get an estimated projection of the future value of your policy.
  • Check your contribution history, including due dates for your next payment.
  • Get a detailed view of your fund performance.
  • Review important policy documentation.
  • View your personal details under the 'client' tab.

What is the Client Centre?

Our Client Centre is an online tool that allows you to view all aspects of your pension, investment, or savings policy in a transparent way. You can instantly gain real-time information on the value of your funds, their performance, future projection and view important policy documents.

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Mobile Client Centre

Get real-time updates on your funds, wherever you are. You can access the Client Centre on any mobile device, including Android, Apple, and Blackberry. Simply visit on your mobile device and log in using your existing Client Centre details.


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