Former Eagle Star European policies

Now closed to new business

For those who purchased an International Investment Bond or an International Investment Plan prior to January 1st 2001, this section gives you details on the funds available, the latest fund prices and details about tax treatment applicable to your policy. Due to tax changes introduced by the Finance Act 2000, Retirement Benefits products are no longer available from former Eagle Star European Policies. Similar savings policies are available through Zurich Life.

Encashment Requirements

Change of Address Requirements

To change your address, send us written instructions confirming your new address. Be sure your letter is signed by all policyowners. Post to: Zurich Life Assurance plc, Zurich House, Frascati Road, Blackrock, Co. Dublin.

Fund information

For existing clients of Eagle Star European Policies who are resident in the United States of America, no additional investments or regular premium increases can be processed.

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