Fund Details

The managed funds available to you when you invest in a former Eagle Star European Policies policy are detailed below.

International Dynamic Fund

  • Aggressively managed, global equity fund.
  • It seeks to achieve above average long term capital growth by investing in a well diversified portfolio of international equities.
  • Managed from the point of view of a euro investor.
  • Units are priced in GBP£/US$/€.

International Balanced Fund

  • Medium risk.
  • Seeks to maximise growth through capital gain and income from a portfolio of international equities and international bonds.
  • May invest by direct investment, investment in international equity funds or equity based financial instruments.
  • May also invest in bonds issued by Governments, supranational bodies, high credit quality corporates, international bond funds and bond based financial instruments.
  • For tactical reasons, the fund may also invest in cash.
  • Managed from the point of view of a European investor.
  • Units are priced in GBP£/US$/€.

Sterling Stable, US Dollar Stable & Euro Stable Funds

  • Aim to give a return (before charges) equal to short-term interest rates offered by central banks in the United Kingdom, United States of America and the European Union.
  • These funds are unlikely to be appropriate for long-term investment, but may be appropriate as a short-term holding.
  • Units are priced in the base currency of each fund: GBP£, US$ and Euro respectively.
Warning: If you invest in this product you may lose some or all of the money you invest.

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