Encashment Requirements

  • Written instructions signed by all policyowners (should include a reason for the encashment).
  • Certified copy of photographic identification of all policyowners (example: passport or driver's licence).
  • Certified copy of a Utility bill to confirm proof of address. This utility bill should be no more than 6 months old. Other documents acceptable are Bank statement, Credit Card statement, Building Society statement, or other official documentation from a financial institution regulated by the Central Bank.
  • Return of the original Policy Document or a completed Lost Policy Declaration (Only required if a FULL encashment).

These documents may be certified by the following persons. Where documents are certified, the certified copy should be marked "Original Sighted" and the certifier should print their name and provide a contact number.

Suitable persons to certify documents

  • Garda Siochana/ Police Officer
  • Practising Chartered & Certified Public Accountants
  • Notaries Public / Practising solicitors / Commissioner for Oaths
  • Regulated financial or credit institutions
  • Medical professional

The policyowner can post, fax or forward a scanned version of the instructions by email to us to initiate the process. Payment will be made by way of personal cheque and the cheque will be posted to the policyowner's residential address. The price date used for any encashment will be the Value date that we receive their instructions.

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