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Richard Temperley from Zurich investments team
Author: Richard Temperley

Head of Investment Development at Zurich

Richard joined Zurich in 1990 having previously worked as an investment analyst and in corporate finance. Richard has a wealth of experience in investment dealing and management and currently holds the position of Head of Investment Development in Zurich. He is a graduate of Trinity College, Dublin and an Associate of the UK Society of Investment Professionals.


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24/06/2024 | Zurich Ireland

June 2024 monthly investment news

Positive sentiment saw a strong month for both global equities and fixed income in May as investors grew more confident that central banks are on track to cut interest rates.

23/05/2024 | Zurich Ireland

May 2024 monthly investment news

April marked a shift in investor sentiment as a series of higher readings from inflation metrics in the US saw investors re-evaluate their interest rate expectations. Higher inflation triggered stock markets to pull back from recent highs as the Federal Reserve’s willingness to cut interest rates decreased, writes Richard Temperley.

23/04/2024 | Zurich Ireland

April 2024 monthly investment news

March was another strong month for equities with global stocks up 3.42% for the month in euro terms. This followed a positive February as investors continue to price in the likelihood of future interest rate cuts from global central banks, writes Richard Temperley.

27/03/2024 | Zurich Ireland

March 2024 monthly investment news

In February, all three major US equity indices closed positively for the fourth consecutive month. The S&P 500 experienced its largest February gain in almost ten years, writes Richard Temperley.

23/02/2024 | Zurich Ireland

February 2024 monthly investment news

Following the 2023 Q4 rally, performance across asset classes was mixed in January, writes Richard Temperley.

23/10/2023 | Zurich Ireland

October 2023 monthly investment news

September saw equity markets retreat from their recent highs as bond yields rose and central banks maintained somewhat of a hawkish stance, writes Richard Temperley.

25/09/2023 | Zurich Ireland

September 2023 monthly investment news

August saw risk assets retreat as sentiment declined off recent highs with markets trimming the previous gains equities had experienced throughout much of 2023, writes Richard Temperley.

22/06/2023 | Zurich Ireland

June 2023 monthly investment news

May was dominated by discourse surrounding the US debt ceiling as Republicans and Democrats in the US struggled to reach an agreement, writes Richard Temperley.

23/05/2023 | Zurich Ireland

May 2023 monthly investment review

April was characterised by the release of Quarter 1 earnings reports from the world’s largest companies, writes Richard Temperley.

26/04/2023 | Zurich Ireland

April 2023 monthly investment review

March saw the first quarter of 2023 close out positively for equities despite turmoil in the banking sector, writes Richard Temperley.

04/04/2023 | Zurich Ireland

Consistent investment performance key to Zurich’s growth

Zurich has grown to become one of Ireland’s largest asset managers when measured by Irish client funds under management. “The reason why we have grown and passed out many of our competitors is our consistently strong performance over many years,” says Zurich Head of Investment Development Richard Temperley.

22/03/2023 | Zurich Ireland

March 2023 monthly investment review

February saw equities give back some of their gains from the year so far, with the US in particular faltering in the face of potentially higher interest rates, writes Richard Temperley.