Taking a shot at the future

The tradition of making hurling sticks is steeped in age-old techniques, but Barry Reynolds is taking a future-first approach and transforming traditional ash hurls into composite ones.

Based in Newry and Belfast, the Reynolds Composite Hurley business has grown out of necessity and a deep passion for our national sport. When Barry Reynolds realised that the shortage of ash in Ireland could threaten hurling, he developed a material from an aerospace composite that emulated ash.

“A composite hurling stick is made in a mould with a particular composite mixture of materials,” he explains.

In terms of his own prospects, Reynolds has a positive outlook and enjoys being master of his own destiny. “I hold my future in my own hands. It's an awesome responsibility because it's not just my future, it's the future of my family and my children,” he says.

With regard to planning, Reynolds says: “I don't want a lot out of life, but I do want a good future for my children. I also want to look after my wife and myself in our old age. You can't be self-employed without continually thinking about the future.”

In the meantime the entrepreneur is happiest when he is innovating. “You don't reach a destination when you make a product. It’s a journey with lots of stepping stones along the way.” 

Reynolds says it’s important to find new ways of continually improving. “It's a fast-moving world that we live in. People expect new things, better things, all the time. And when we make something, you have to be open-minded that maybe there is a way of improving on that and making it better in the future. And we are constantly doing just that.”

Undaunted by what lies ahead, Reynolds is enthusiastic about the future. “I look forward with excitement about the new things that can be done. There is a lot to play for out there and the future holds great potential.”

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