Pension Opportunities for Business Owners

Today, despite the many challenges faced by customers because of high inflation and the cost of living rises, many SME businesses have shown remarkable resilience and flourished with the result that they have accumulated cash assets in the company. Good forward thinking business planning means that these same SME owners should look at pension funding opportunities in the most tax efficient manner.

There are four main options for a business owner to extract profits from their Company:

A. Leave profits in the company and extract proceeds through sale of the company at some future date.
B. Withdraw profits as salary or dividends.
C. Withdraw profits via Employer contribution to an Executive Pension via the Zurich Master Trust.
D. Withdraw profits via a PRSA (Personal Retirement Savings Account)

Below we review the two Pension funding opportunities, namely a Zurich Executive Pension via the Master Trust and a PRSA.

Customer Flyer - the options available for business owners

We've put together a simple customer flyer showing the options available for Company Directors and Business Owners.

Download options flyer.

Quick Comparison - Zurich Master Trust Executive Pension vs PRSA

In this grid we look at the differences between the Zurich Master Trust Executive Pension and PRSA. We analyse each product under the key product components in an easy to comprehend format for clients.  

Download Quick Comparison

PRSA Pension Funding Opportunities

This sales aid will help customers better understand the new PRSA opportunities in the marketplace which might be relevant to them and their business. 

Download PRSA Opportunities Sales Aid

Using an Executive Pension to fund your retirement

If your client has decided that the Zurich Master Trust Executive Pension suits them best, this brochure will help them better understand the product and the opportunities available.

Download Executive Pensions Sales Aid

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