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When you enjoy a regular income, it’s easy to start taking it for granted. The reality is that it only takes one serious illness, injury or death to have a devastating impact on a family’s finances.
What can you expect during a health test? Read to find out what happens during a medical check-up. 
You may not think about your life insurance cover until it's time to make a claim. At Zurich we understand this and want to make our claims process as easy as possible. 

When we were young, we wanted wonderful things for our future. Now we know what is truly important in life... health, happiness and security. We are running a competition asking parents to share their child's dream for their own future.

You may not think about your life insurance cover until it's time to make a claim. At Zurich we understand this, and while we hope that you and your family will never have to use our claims process, when the time does come we want to make it as easy as possible.

Are you interested in getting a free Garmin wearable watch and money back on your life insurance? Call us directly on 1850 804232 to find out more or sign up today for a no obligation call with one of our financial advisors.

Students have long been the biggest demographic of renters in Ireland, traditionally leaving home to attend college for third level education. The problem now facing students and parents is the growing cost of student living, including escalating rents and a lack of adequate housing.

According to Savills 18% of people in Ireland now live in private rental accommodation, which is 497,111 households. With no real history of long-term letting or leases and the introduction of Rent Pressure Zones to try to slow down rent increases, the growing concern is how renters can protect themselves in this progressively volatile market.

With house prices increasing more in the first six months of 2017 than the whole of 2016 and the cost of renting now 8% higher on average than at the peak of the Celtic Tiger in 2008, renters in Ireland are stuck sliding down slippery paths to no savings and no mortgages rather than climbing successfully onto the property ladder. The question is: with these odds, how do you roll the dice and win?

If you rent your property you will still need the same protection as if you had a mortgage and by not having life insurance cover, generation rent could be generation lost.

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