Travel Insurance Information COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

What are my entitlements if the airline cancels my flight?

In the event that your flights are cancelled by the airline, you must contact the airline directly regarding your options.

If my flight is cancelled due to DFA advice, can I be refunded for pre-booked accommodation?

If you booked your accommodation through your travel provider, you will need to contact them directly to seek a refund.  If you booked your accommodation independently, you must first seek a refund from the accommodation provider. If this is unsuccessful, please contact our travel insurance claims team by calling +353 1 288 0073.

The DFA is advising against travel to my destination. Can I still go?

If you travel against the advice of the Department of Foreign Affairs or World Health Organisation, any subsequent claim relating to the Coronavirus (e.g. curtailment or medical costs) could be denied. This will depend on the terms and conditions of your policy and your individual circumstances. Please contact our Travel Claims Team at or call us on 1890 400 300.

My flight isn’t cancelled, but I no longer want to travel. Can I get a refund?

If your flight is proceeding as planned and the DFA has not warned against non-essential travel to your destination, then you may not be able to claim. This will depend on the terms and conditions of your policy. However, if the DFA has stated that you should not travel to your destination, then you should approach your airline in the first instance to request a refund. If your flight isn’t cancelled, but the DFA has warned against travel to your destination, please contact our travel insurance claims team by calling +353 1 288 0073.

I am currently in an area covered by a DFA alert. Can I make a claim if I shorten my holiday?

If you are currently visiting an area and the DFA issues a warning against non-essential travel to that area, we would encourage you to comply with these advices. If you choose to leave, you can submit a claim, up to the limit as shown in your Statement of Insurance, for any unused accommodation or costs resulting from a change of departure date. If you choose to stay in the area against DFA/local authority advice, you will only be covered for any subsequent claim if you can prove that your trip was essential.

An alert advising against travel to my destination has been issued. Can I make a travel insurance claim?

If your trip was booked before the DFA and/or WHO alert was issued, you will be able to submit a claim provided you also purchased your insurance before the alert was issued. However, you must first contact your travel and accommodation providers to seek a refund. If you booked your trip after a DFA and/or WHO alert against non-essential travel was issued, you will not be able to make a travel insurance claim for any resulting costs. In this situation you will need to seek a refund from the travel provider.

What if I contract the Coronavirus while abroad?

If you contract the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) while abroad, seek medical assistance immediately. In the event that this happens, any medical expenses you incur, up to the limit as shown in your Statement of Insurance, will be covered by Zurich (subject to policy terms and conditions which includes that you are not travelling against the advice of the DFA or WHO). It is advised that you comply with any advices you receive by DFA, WHO or relevant organisation.

My destination is a green list country, what does my policycover?

If your destination is not currently covered by a DFA and/or WHO warning, your policy will operate as normal. However, as the situation is constantly evolving, we advise checking the latest travel advice for your destination at the links below regularly in the lead up to your holiday:  or

Important Information

The DFA encourages you to register your contact details on Citizens’ Registration, which allows them to contact you and provide assistance in the event of an unforeseen crisis or family emergency while you are overseas:

As this is a rapidly evolving situation, it is also advised that you visit the following websites for further details:

The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control

The Health Protection Surveillance Centre

Reciprocal Healthcare Agreements - European Union

If you are planning to travel to countries in the European Union, or Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland we strongly recommend you take a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) with you. Application forms can be obtained online or in person from the post office and should be completed and validated before you travel. The EHIC will allow you to benefit from the Reciprocal Healthcare Agreements (RHA) which exist with these countries. Where possible, you should take reasonable steps to use these arrangements.

Contacting us

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