Having your car insured by Zurich gives you the peace of mind that you’re protected in the event that something happens. The three covers described below are designed to meet the many needs of a motorist in Ireland. Please be aware that your eligibility for each level of cover may vary, dependent on your car, occupation, age and licence.

Comprehensive Plus

Our Comprehensive Plus offering provides our most complete level of protection for you and your car with numerous covers and increased benefits included.

In addition to Third Party Liability, Fire & Theft and Accidental Damage cover, we also include full protection for your No Claims Discount, Windscreen Cover, HomeStart and Roadside Breakdown Assistance, Driving of Other Cars and Mishap Insurance. For an additional premium, you can also upgrade your policy to include Comprehensive cover when driving someone else’s car.


Our Comprehensive insurance provides protection to you and your car and includes a wide range of other benefits. In addition to Third Party Liability insurance, we cover the cost of repairing or replacing your car in the event of fire, theft or accidental damage and we include cover for windscreen, personal belongings and Roadside Breakdown Assistance, as well as providing Stepback Protection for your No Claims Discount.

Third Party Fire and Theft

Third Party Liability insurance (covering injury to someone else and/or damage to their property) is required by law to drive a motor vehicle in Ireland. It also protects your car against loss or damage arising as a consequence of fire, theft or attempted theft.

In addition, we cover the cost of fire brigade charges (up to €2,000), basic medical expenses (up to €200 per person) and provide Stepback Protection for your No Claims Discount as standard. You can also extend the level of protection available to include other benefits as optional add-ons to your policy.

What’s insured?

With Zurich car insurance you will be covered for liability to third parties caused by or in connection with the insured vehicle. This cover also provides additional benefits depending on the cover you choose, for example: comprehensive or comprehensive plus. See Zurich’s motor insurance product information document to find out more about what's covered.

The information on this page relates to Car Insurance policies purchased directly from Zurich, with policy number starting with 01-MPZ. If you have a query on your level of cover, please call us in Wexford on 0818 400 700 or 053 915 7775.

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