Employee Engagement

We understand the challenges involved in engaging employees in their pension schemes. That's why we use a range of methods to communicate with your staff - we know that achieving a good level of employee engagement is an important success measure for any pension scheme.

Engaging with your employees

When it comes to communication, clarity is key. Thanks to our experience of providing pension solutions to Irish and international companies, we know the value of communicating well.

As retirement can often seem like a complex concept, employees can easily switch off and fail to engage until it's too late.

Different employees need different levels of involvement, so our approach is tailored to work for everyone.

We create a mix of communication methods to engage your employees, keeping them informed and up-to-date. Online, face-to-face, workplace briefings...are all designed to encourage participation from your employees.

Personalised materials: Zurich is recognised for leading the way with our employee Annual Benefit Statements. Clear and easy to understand, this personalised annual communication keeps employees updated with the essentials of their Company Pension.

Connect and online tools: With Zurich Connect, employees have their own bespoke online retirement website, with helpful videos, interactive tools and calculators and a library of relevant information.

It is because of this care for our customers that we were named the Highest Ranked Insurance Company in Ireland (2015) by The Reputations Agency and Reputations Institute.

Creating employee connections

At Zurich, we understand how important it is for your employees to truly see their pension as a benefit - so we make sure to do our part to drive this process. We have a range of resources on hand to encourage your employees to value their pension, as well as to onboard more members.

We distribute personalised communications to your employees, such as our Annual Benefits Statement, and can tailor marketing and awareness campaigns to encourage employees to actively participate in their pension scheme.

Our Customer Relationship Management Team also operates group presentations or one-to-one sessions within your workplace, saving you time by meeting with your employees directly.

Our online tools are a huge benefit to working with Zurich. Zurich Connect and the Zurich Online dashboard empower your employees to engage with their pension by broadening their understanding of their investment and how it is performing.

Why Zurich?

Part of the international Zurich Insurance Group, Zurich has been dealing in Corporate Pensions in Ireland for almost 40 years. With a Standard & Poor's financial strength rating of AA/stable*, it's no wonder that over 1,000 Irish businesses trust Zurich with their pension. Our dedicated team is committed to making sure your employees know that we are always on hand to meet their needs and help them to get involved with their pension.

*Source: Standard & Poor's, March 2021. 

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