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You may not think about your life insurance cover until it's time to make a claim. At Zurich we understand this and want to make our claims process as easy as possible. 

You probably don't spend too much time thinking about the valuable protection cover you have in place. You take out a plan and then you put it out of your mind - it's one less thing to worry about. Well, that is until you need to make a claim. It's then that you will be glad of the protection plan you have in place.

At Zurich we understand this. And so when it comes to making a claim we make it very easy for you. The total amount of life and serious illness claims Zurich paid in 2022 was over €77.5m.

Life cover pays a lump sum to your family or other beneficiaries if you die. It is the simplest form of protection available, and it is usually taken out to provide for your family or to pay off your mortgage in the event of death.

In 2022, Zurich paid €54.1 million in death claims with an average payout of approximately €97,000. Of those claims, 33% were for people aged 60 or less and cancer and heart related deaths accounted for 64% of all death claims in 2022.

Zurich paid out €23.4 million in serious illness claims in 2022. Cancer accounted for 57% of male claims yet for females that number was higher at 83%.

Life insurance might not be your top priority, but it is something you should think carefully about. People get life insurance so that they and their families are protected should they become seriously ill or die, so even though we might not like to think about it, it’s worth considering.

A financial advisor will answer any of your questions and talk you through your options. You can find a financial advisor near you with the Zurich Financial Advisor Finder or our Financial Planning Team can also provide you with more information.

Source: Zurich Life, March 2023.

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