How to defrost your windscreen

Find out the most efficient methods to defrost a car windscreen quickly without damaging your car, and what to avoid.

No one likes to wake to an icy frosting morning, especially if you are in a rush and need to de-ice the car.

When it comes to defrosting the windscreen of your car, if done incorrectly, you could cause damage to the windscreen and car. Our simple guide will explain what to do and what not to go when de-icing your windscreen.

Check your wipers

Make sure your wipers are not on when you get into the car. If the wipers are on and the glass is frozen, the friction could damage the rubber on the wipers and the wiper motor itself.

Turn on the engine

When you turn on the engine set the warmest air blower directed to the windscreen. Turn on the rear windscreen heater also. If you have air-con, you can put this on too as it will remove moisture from the car. Stay with your car while the engine is running for extra safety.

Clear any snow from the car

If it’s been snowing, clear snow from the roof of your vehicle as well as the windows so it doesn’t slip while you drive and obscure your view.

Use a defrosting spray 

There are plenty of good defrosting sprays on the market, and it’s a good idea to carry one in the car with you, especially in winter. Spray the defroster directly on your windscreen and the ice should disappear fairly quickly.

Use a scraper 

While you’re waiting for the car to warm up, use a scraper gently to speed up the process of de-icing the windscreen. The defroster spray should be doing its job, so it shouldn’t take too long to clear the windows from ice.

Don’t use hot or lukewarm water

Glass expands when hot and contracts again when it cools down so exposing it to dramatic cold and then heat can damage your windows and windscreens. When defrosting a car windscreen, don’t ever pour hot water on to the windscreen or on the side and rear windows. Even lukewarm water can cause damage.

Watch out for refreezing

If it is a particularly cold and frosty day, the windscreen could freeze up again. Only drive when all the glass is clear and your happy that it’s safe to start your journey.

Winter driving

Driving in the winter can be stressful but we have compiled a list of tips to help you drive safely in winter weather and ensure your car is well maintained for various winter driving conditions. You can read our winter driving tips blog here.

Windscreen cover

Windscreen damage can happen easily so it’s good to know we have you covered and that a claim to repair or replace a windscreen does not affect your no claims discount. At Zurich, if you opt to have windscreen cover in place, we can pay to repair or replace the windscreen or windows, however we won’t cover the cost of damage caused by wear-and-tear or if the damage is caused by you deliberately.

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