Hospital Cash, Surgical Cash or Personal Accident Claims

How do I make a Hospital Cash, Surgical Cash or Personal Accident Claim?

  • You should first contact the person that set up the policy for you to establish that the benefit applies to your policy. This is either your Financial Advisor, one of our financial consultants or Customer Services representatives. They will guide you through these steps:

    Step 1: Send the following items to your Financial Advisor or to us:

    For Surgical Cash Claims Only

    • Certified* Birth Cert - we will return this immediately.
    • Certified* Marriage Cert - if the person making the claim is a married woman with a different surname than on her Birth Cert.

    For Personal Accident Benefit Claims Only

    • A copy of your last wage slip or if self employed confirmation of your earnings from your accountant.
    • If you are claiming social welfare benefit, please attach a copy of the Social Welfare Benefit claim form.

    Step 2: We may write to the Life insured's GP for medical reports for our Chief Medical Officer.

    Step 3: If your claim is for Personal Accident Benefit we may decide that an independent medical assessment is required in certain circumstances on receipt of the medical reports. If so, you will be advised immediately.

    Step 4: On receipt of all our requirements your claim will be assessed and where the claim is admitted, payment shall be made via electronic transfer to the appropriate bank account.

    *The following individuals can certify documents; your Financial Advisor, Garda Síochána, Chartered Accountant, Public Notary or Solicitor. In addition to this, the person who certifies the document should print their name and provide a contact number so that verification of the certifier’s details may be made by Zurich Life if required.  Where available a stamp should be used by the certifier.

Please Note:

Under the Criminal Justice (Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing) Acts 2010 and 2013, Zurich Life requires clients to provide 'Evidence of Identity' and 'Proof of Address' and other supporting documentation.

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