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It combines all our existing mobile services with handy tools and features that make it really easy for you to access the information you need, where and whenever you want it.

There's lots of features, including:

Budget Calculator

Our budget calculator is a savings tool that helps you to quickly access your monthly income and expenses so that you can establish how much you have available to save each month. It also gives you an indication of where you can reduce costs and how that money can be saved or invested. The calculator is built into the App with an interactive design that gives quick results for an informed decision.

Maximum Pension Contribution 

The maximum pension contribution calculator quickly tells you the maximum amount you can personally contribute to your pension for tax relief purposes. It calculates the total pension contribution based off annual income and age at the end of any relevant year. This tool is intuitively designed to provide the information you need to make an informed decision on your pension contributions in any given year. 

Pension Tax Relief Calculator

Our pension tax relief calculator shows the effect of tax relief on your pension contributions. Tax relief is one of the most compelling reasons to save through a pension and many people don’t know that you can receive valuable support from the government. This interactive tool will help to quickly and effectively convey the impact of tax relief on your pension contribution, demonstrating how favourable saving through a pension can be. 

Life Cover Calculator

With many people having no idea how much life insurance cover they require to ensure their families’ needs are protected, this handy calculator can be used to determine how much cover is required. To calculate this, it uses details such as remaining loans and mortgage repayments, assets, family living expenses, and desired future family income.

Secure Login Mobile Client Centre

The mobile client centre is an easy and secure platform for you to access policy information, fund values and premium information in the palm of your hand. If you’re looking to register for the mobile client centre, you can apply on your phone by taping “Register as a new user” in the App and then submitting your details.

GPS Advisor Finder

Zurich Life has a GPS Advisor Finder which enables you to find an advisor more easily by using geolocation technology, wherever you may be. By using the GPSfunctionality on your smartphone, the GPS Advisor Finder helps you find the nearest Financial Advisor, based on your current location. It also has a manual search facility if you don’t wish to search based on your current location.

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