Payment options

We realise that the needs of our customers are constantly changing and when it comes to paying bills you need a fast and efficient method of payment. At Zurich we try to make things more convenient by providing a number of alternative payment options.

You can pay by:

  • Cheque or bank draft
  • Credit or debit card
  • Direct debit installments through our Starplan facility

This plan gives you the option to pay your premium over monthly installments.

A deposit of 15% of the premium is required for first time applicants. The remainder of the premium is payable over nine monthly installments.

After the first year, premiums can be paid over 10 equal installments. No deposit is required for renewable business.

Example of payment sequence Amount
First year of payment by Starplan  
Total premium  €300.00
Deposit payable 15%  €45.00
Balance payable by installments  €255.00
1/9 of balance payable  €28.33
plus 7 percent Service Charge (17.81 percent APR)*
= Monthly installments (x 9)  €30.31
Subsequent years on Starplan  
Total premium
Deposit payable  Nil
Balance payable by installments  €300.00
1/10 of balance payable  €30.00
plus 7% service charge (17.81%APR)*  €2.10
= Monthly installments (x 9)  €32.10

The form of direct debit that is required to facilitate variation is the Variable Amount Instruction as defined by the Irish Banks Standing Committee.

*Variation in % APR is due to number of installments in each year.

Terms, conditions and underwriting criteria apply.