Having the right life insurance policies in place is important and identifying what cover will meet your needs is the first consideration.

Simple to set up

Finding the right cover for you shouldn't be complicated. A financial advisor can guide you through the process and help you select the right plan for your circumstances. You can find a local financial advisor near you with the Zurich Advisor Finder. Alternatively, our Financial Planning Team can provide you with more information about Zurich's life insurance options.

Legal agreement

A life insurance policy is a legal contract between the provider and the policyholder for the provision of life insurance.  The policy document sets out the terms and conditions of this contract and details what the policyholder agrees to pay to the provider for cover and what the provider agrees to provide to the policyholder in the event of a claim.

Types of policies

Depending on the primary need the policy is designed to meet, they can be divided into different categories including: life insurance, serious illness cover, mortgage and business protection.

Protection with Zurich

When it comes to deciding which type of protection policy best suits your needs, we have a number of options which fall under three main areas: Life CoverMortgage and Business Protection.

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