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Zurich Life App

On the move?

Download the Zurich Life App and access our services wherever you are

It combines all our existing mobile services with handy tools and features that make it really easy for you to access the information you need, where and whenever you want it.

There's lots of features, including:

Mobile Client Centre

An easy and secure platform to view all your pensions, savings, investments, and life assurance policy details, whenever you need to. To log in, just sign in using your existing Client Centre username, password and pin; or, if you're not set up, you can register online today .

RetireSmart Forecasting Tool

A comprehensive retirement planning solution that combines pensions, long-term savings and life-styling investment strategies. The RetireSmart Forecasting Tool is best used with advice from a Financial Advisor.

Life Insurance Calculator

A handy tool to help you calculate how much life insurance cover you might need to ensure your family's needs are properly looked after in the event of your death. To calculate this, it uses details such as remaining loans and mortgage repayments, assets, family living expenses, and desired future family income.

GPS Advisor Finder

By using the GPS functionality on your smartphone, the GPS Advisor Finder helps you find the nearest Financial Advisor, based on your current location. It also has a manual search facility if you don't wish to search based on your current location.

Downloading the app is easy

The app is free and really easy to download.

Don't have smartphone?

You can still get the information you need on the move. Just click on the relevant link below.