Five reasons to invest with Zurich

Over the last number of years, strong, positive investment market returns, coupled with record low interest rates for money held on deposit, has seen many people taking a little more risk in order to increase their chance of making a better return on their money.

One popular alternative home to money held on deposit is an Investment Bond with Zurich. Putting some of your money in an Investment Bond over the medium to long-term has the potential to give you a better chance of achieving your financial goals.


Why should you choose Zurich for Investments?

1. Market leading investment performance

We believe that the funds you are invested in should be the bedrock of your pension, saving plan or investment bond.

2. Over 40 years of investment expertise

Zurich Life has been meeting the financial needs of people in Ireland for over 40 years and Zurich Investments has been managing diversified multi-asset funds for over 30 years.

3. Keep track of your money 24/7

With Zurich’s online platform you can see how your investment is performing at any stage.

4. Investments to suit most types of investor

Depending on your risk profile, you should be able to find an investment fund to match you.

5. Invest responsibly for future generations

As an investment manager, Zurich Life in Ireland is conscious of the need to ensure that we invest policyholder and shareholder funds responsibly.

Zurich is one of Ireland’s most successful life insurance companies and has an enviable track record in managing customer’s savings. With a range of investment options to suit most investors, easy to use calculators and digital tools, and instant online access to your investment details through your personal dashboard, you can have confidence when you invest with Zurich.

For more information on the Zurich Investment Bond:

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