What should I do if I have a motor accident?

Call your insurer

  • Report the accident as soon as possible by calling the Zurich Helpline on 016091436, 24 hours, 7 days a week. You can also email us at claimsnotification@zurich.com. You should report all incidents whether you intend to claim or not.

Look around-and take note

  • If another vehicle is involved, take note of the number of passengers.
  • Make a note of the accident location, street or road name and particular landmarks.
  • Are there any CCTV cameras in the area that might have captured the accident?
  • Did anyone else witness the accident? If so, ask them for their name and contact number.

Take photos

  • Take photos of the damage to all vehicles.
  • Take photos of the road markings
  • Take photos of the position of the cars on the road preferably before they are moved but only if it is safe to do so.

Notify the emergency services

  • If required, dial 999/112 for an ambulance and Gardaí. Gardaí may not always attend the scene but will advise you on the call.

Do not admit fault

  • Do not admit you’re at fault- wait until you speak to us for advice.
  • If possible and if it is safe to do so, move your vehicle to the side of the road and do not cause unnecessary obstruction to other road users.

Exchange details

If there’s another car involved, swap the following details with the other driver.

  1. Name
  2. Registration
  3. Phone number
  4. Insurance details

Does Zurich have a list of Zurich approved garages?

Zurich have a network of approved repairers who guarantee the repairs to your vehicle for three years. 

What are the benefits of using Zurich's Approved Repair Network*?

  • Courtesy car for our private motor customers. You'll get a replacement car for up to seven days while yours is being repaired (or 10 days if your car is not repairable).
  • Hassle free repair process when you need it.
  • Repairs to your vehicle carried out to the highest industry standards.
  • Convenience for you – No need to take time off for estimates/assessments.
  • Guaranteed repairs for three years.
  • If your vehicle is not fit to drive, we will arrange collection or a tow to one of our approved repairers.
  • Automatic transfer of your Zurich policy to the courtesy car.
  • Regular repair updates from the approved repairer.
  • Your vehicle will be cleaned inside and out before being returned.
  • All payments for repairs will be handled by Zurich.
  • Less paper work, no need for an estimate we will do that for you.

If you decide to use a non-Zurich approved repairer you will not have the benefit of a courtesy car, we cannot guarantee repairs and we will be unable to offer the same benefits listed above.

*Subject to the terms and conditions of your policy and level of cover in place.

If I get hit by an uninsured driver, can I claim from my own car insurance?

This will depend on what level of cover you have on your vehicle – you should check your schedule of insurance to confirm. If you have Comprehensive car insurance, accidental damage to your car is covered, therefore, we can settle the claim for you subject to the terms and conditions of your policy.

If you have Third Party, Fire and Theft cover, any accidental damage to your car is not covered by your policy. MIBI compensates victims who have been involved in a road traffic accident caused by uninsured vehicles. Please contact Zurich helpline where your claim experts are there to help.

Will a windscreen claim affect my No Claims Discount?

No, you won’t lose any No Claims Discount if you make a windscreen claim, provided you don’t have any other claims in that period of insurance your No Claims Discount will not increase at renewal. Our windscreen provider is Allglass.

What are the benefits of using Allglass?

  • 24/7/365 Service – no weekend/bank holiday extra charge.
  • 25 Depots nationally - AA Audited & Approved.
  • 100 mobile units for convenience (repairs only).
  • All Technicians trained to NVQ/ATA level.
  • ADAS specialists.
  • Service Guarantee (All workmanship guaranteed for as long as customer owns vehicle).

If you have a Comprehensive policy and need to make a claim please call us on 0818 208 408. For more information, please refer to your policy booklet. Terms, conditions, excesses and exclusions apply.

In the event of an accident, am I covered for car hire and for how long?

If you hold a private motor vehicle policy and following a valid claim, where an approved repairer is used, you will have the benefit of a courtesy car for up to seven days while your car is being repaired. You must satisfy the requirements of the car hire company and be responsible for petrol and ancillary charges. If you’re car has been damaged beyond economical repair or is stolen and not yet recovered, your car hire benefit is 10 days.

Courtesy cars are provided subject to availability. For more information, please read your policy document. Terms, conditions, exclusions and limitations apply.

If I have had an accident in someone else's car, do I need to inform you on this policy?

Yes. We need to know about all your claims and accidents because it forms part of your driving history.

Where do I send evidence, documents or letters relating to my car insurance claim?

To email documents following receipt of a claim number please email claimsdepartment@zurich.com or send by post to Zurich Insurance Europe AG, PO BOX 78, Wexford. Ensure to quote your claim number on all correspondence.

Do I have to deal with my broker directly?

We are happy to deal with our customers directly regarding their claim. If you have any queries you can call our Zurich help line on  01 609 1436 or deal with your broker directly.

How does a car insurance claim affect my No Claims Discount?

You can find out more about how claims affect your no claims discount in our no claims discount FAQs

Am I covered for breakdown*?

If your car is immobilised or you have an accident anywhere in the Republic of Ireland you should contact the Emergency Helpline on 01 609 1436. We will arrange for someone to come to your assistance as soon as possible. If your car is immobilised more than 2km from your home address as a result of a mechanical or electrical failure, loss of keys or driver error and cannot be driven, we will provide 30 minutes Roadside Assistance free of charge.

Should this prove unsuccessful we will organise and pay the cost of bringing your car to the nearest garage capable of effecting repairs or to any garage of your choice it is nearer.

If immobilisation occurs more than 50km from your home address and roadside assistance proves unsuccessful you may choose one of the following options when you contact the Emergency Helpline:

  • The cost of returning home by public transport


  • The cost of accommodation for one night only

The most we will pay under either options is €130.

*Subject to the terms and conditions of your policy.

What is an excess?

It is a condition of your policy that you are required to pay a contribution towards your claim up to an agreed amount which is stated on your policy schedule.

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