No Claims Discount FAQs 

What is a No Claims Discount?

A No Claims Discount is a discount allowed on your car insurance policy for having claims-free driving over a period of time. Your No Claims Discount is measured in years, and will increase every year that goes by where you don’t have a claim. The higher your No Claims Discount is, the greater the discount allowed on your policy will be as you are being rewarded for your good driving.

What is a No Claims Discount worth?

It can vary from company to company but the maximum discount that we at Zurich apply is 55%, which is applied when you have five or more year’s No Claims Discount.

How long does a No Claims Discount last before it expires?

A No Claims Discount usually lasts for two years from the date that your last policy in your own name ends. You do not earn a No Claims Discount unless you are the policyholder and main user of the car insured.

If you have been living abroad and are moving or returning to the Republic of Ireland, please read our advice on availing of No Claims Discounts earned abroad.

How to avail of your No Claims Discount?

Your insurer should have sent you a copy of your No Claims Discount prior to your renewal, or after you cancelled your policy – if you have not been issued this you will need to contact the insurer to request it. You will need to advise us of the details that are contained on your No Claims Discount, so you should try have it to hand when you contact us for a quote.

Some insurers will have included a pin code on your No Claims Discount, if you have been provided with a pin code you should advise us of it. This may mean that you won’t have to send us a copy of your No Claims Discount afterwards. If you do not have a pin code on your No Claims Discount then we will need you to send us a copy in all instances. In the near-future, all No Claims Discounts will feature pin codes which will allow insurers to check your details on an insurance industry database.

Can you use a No Claims Discount on more than one policy?

No, your No Claims Discount can only be used on one policy. If you want to insure another vehicle, you may be able to take out new cover and begin earning a second No Claims Discount.

If I have a No Claims Discount that’s less than five years, are there any other discounts I can avail of?

If you have named or fleet driving experience prior to taking out a policy in your own name, we may be able to allow acknowledge that by supplementing your No Claims Discount with an introductory discount, up to the maximum 55% discount.

Subject to specific criteria, we may also be able to allow a ‘second family car’ discount if your partner has a car insured in their own name with a larger CC engine than yours – when speaking to one of our agents in our Wexford office you can query whether you would be eligible for this discount.

I have never held a policy in my own name, is my driving experience of any value to me?

If you haven’t ever held a car insurance policy in your own name before but are considering taking one out now, we may be able to take into account your past experience as a named driver on another policy and allow a greater discount, up to the maximum 55%. This can include driving as a named driver on a policy in Ireland or the UK, or driving on a company fleet policy. If you have any queries you can call us in Wexford on 053 915 7775 or on 0818 400 700. Lines are open Monday to Friday 08.30 – 18.30. Please note that underwriting criteria, terms and conditions apply.

If we are able to reward your driving experience with an additional, introductory discount we will require written proof of that experience from the insurer of that policy.

What is the difference between an introductory discount and an earned No Claims Discount?

They are both the same in that they will discount your policy as you are rewarded for your previous driving. However, in most cases, an earned No Claims Discount will mean you get more of a discount than if you just have an introductory discount for named driving experience, fleet driving experience, or second family car discount. In the event that you have a claim will lose an introductory discount we allow, but your earned No Claims Discount will be protected with either stepback or full protection.

Can I earn a No Claims Discount as a named driver?

No, unfortunately not. You can accumulate ‘driving experience’ as a named driver which we can acknowledge in some cases,

What happens to my No Claims Discount if I have a claim?

Assuming a valid claim is made, the effect on your No Claims Discount depends on what section the claim is under and what type of protection applies to your policy. Some sections allow you to claim and have no effect on your No Claims Discount – you should consult your policy booklet for full details.

We offer two types of No Claims Discount protection, Stepback No Claims Discount protection and full No Claims Bonus Protection.

Will a windscreen claim affect my No Claims Discount?

No, a claim for windscreen repair or replacement will not affect your No Claims Discount. See section ‘4.1: Windscreen Cover’ of your policy booklet for full details of cover.

Can I reinstate my No Claims Discount?

Yes, you can reinstate your No Claims Discount. To do this you must reimburse us the cost of the claim payment and we will then reinstate your No Claims Discount in full.

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