Driving Other Cars extension to your car policy

How to be insured to drive another car?


On occasion, you might need to drive a car belonging to someone else – but you’re not included as a named driver on their motor insurance policy. You have a number of options available to you:

You could request that the vehicle owner adds you as a named driver on their policy – this may be inconvenient and could take some time before the insurer confirms that cover is in place.

A faster, more suitable alternative, might be to avail of the Driving Other Cars cover available on your Zurich Private Car policy for such circumstances.

We offer two different levels of Driving Other Cars coverage – one which restricts cover to Third Party Only cover, and the other which also provides cover for loss or damage to the other car in the event of fire, theft or an accident while you are driving it.

It is very important to note that Driving Other Cars should only be used for the very occasional or emergency use of another vehicle which is not owned by you – and only applies where you have the owner’s permission to use their vehicle. It is not intended to cover your regular use of another car – if this is found to be the case then it may have implications for the availability of this cover, or may even impact you in the event of a claim.

There are terms and conditions associated with this cover, so before purchasing it – and particularly before using it – we suggest that you carefully read our Policy Booklet. 

*The availability of these covers are subject to Underwriting criteria, and dependent on multiple factors, such as occupation, your age, and your car.


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