We have two different levels of No Claims Discount Protection – Stepback and Full Protection. Find out which option is best for you.

Stepback Protection

Zurich car insurance includes Stepback Protection as standard on all policies. This means that if you have a claim under a section that does affect your No Claims Discount, instead of your discount going back to zero, it will only be stepped back by two levels. For example, if you were availing of the full 55% discount and have a claim, you will be stepped back to 35% at your next renewal.

Only your ‘earned’ No Claims Discount is protected by Stepback Protection. If you have been allowed any other discount instead of or to supplement a No Claims Discount, then that will be removed should a claim occur.

Full Protection

Full No Claims Discount protection is available for an additional charge if you have a No Claims Discount earned in your own name. This means that you can have up to two claims in a three year period and your No Claims Discount will be unaffected. If a third claim occurs then Stepback Protection will come into effect.

Notify us

It is important that you make us aware of any accidents or incidents that you may be involved in, whether you wish to claim or not. If you need to make a claim call us on our 24 hour emergency assistance helpline by calling 01 609 1436 or 0818 208 408 if travelling in Ireland or 0808 101 7444 if travelling in Northern Ireland.

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