Please note: the changes detailed in the notice below will not impact customers, distributors, partners, service providers, or employees of Zurich’s domestic general insurance and life assurance businesses in Ireland. Zurich remains fully committed to the Irish market.

Zurich Insurance plc plans to move its corporate head office from Ireland to Germany

Zurich Insurance plc has started a project to move its head office from Ireland to Germany. It will convert from being an Irish public limited company to a German stock corporation. It will also move from being licensed and regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland to being licensed and regulated by the German insurance regulator BaFin. Local regulators, including Central Bank of Ireland, will remain responsible for supervising Zurich Insurance plc’s conduct in their respective jurisdictions.

Zurich Insurance plc will not be dissolved or wound up, it will retain its legal personality and keep its contracts, assets and customer relationships.

The move of head office will not impact our customers, partners or service providers in Ireland. Zurich’s organization and business activities in the local markets will remain unchanged. 

Customers will continue to be served through the same local organization and local offices. No contract in any local market will be affected. Our customers, creditors, service providers and other contracting partners do not need to take any action.

You can find further information in the following materials:

Creditors, including policyholders and claimants under a policy, and employees working for Zurich Insurance plc may submit comments concerning the Draft Terms of Conversion by no later than 17:00 Irish Standard Time on Monday 9 October 2023. Any comments may be submitted through this form, via email to or by post to: Zurich Insurance Public Limited Company, Zurich House, Frascati Road, Blackrock, Dublin, A94 X9Y3, Ireland.

Where a creditor of Zurich Insurance plc who was entitled to a debt or claim against Zurich Insurance plc on 3 July 2023 is (a) dissatisfied with the safeguards offered to creditors in the Draft Terms of Conversion, and (b) can credibly demonstrate that, due to the Conversion, the satisfaction of the creditor's claim is at stake and that the creditor has not obtained adequate safeguards from Zurich Insurance plc in this regard, the creditor may apply to the Irish High Court for adequate safeguards within 3 months of 3 July 2023. Further details can be found in the attached formal advertisement.

Privacy Policy: the general privacy policy of Zurich Insurance plc applies.  Please note that any data submitted as part of a question or comment regarding the head office move of Zurich Insurance plc from Ireland to Germany, will be collected on behalf of, and shared with, Zurich Insurance plc’s head office. This data may become part of filings and/or discussions with the Irish High Court, which will assess whether the legal requirements for the head office move have been met.

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