In 2022, Zurich introduced a carbon reduction ambition across our internally managed equity and credit portfolios. The aim is to reduce the carbon intensity of equity and credit portfolios in our multi-asset funds by 25% by 2025 vs 2019 levels.

This will be pursued within the framework of Zurich’s existing top-down active investment process. In order to support this ambition, we will monitor the carbon intensity of our portfolios versus a trend line, and report to existing internal oversight groups and committees.

We intend to achieve this by continuing and enhancing our existing use of environmental, social and governance (ESG) data, and by active voting and engagement with investee companies.

What does carbon ambition mean at Zurich?

Monitoring and reporting


Further action as required

Zurich Life Assurance Plc (Zurich Life) is part of the Zurich Group (Zurich) and as such benefits directly from the expertise, information and resources that the Zurich Group has in the area of sustainability and responsible investment. Zurich Life incorporates much of this into the management of its own assets. Zurich Life also participates in Zurich Group-led initiatives which are directly applicable to Zurich Life’s sustainability and responsible investment-related work. As such, the references to Zurich Life in the text above reflect those activities are carried out directly by Zurich Life Assurance Plc in Ireland.