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Tackle Your Feelings

Tackle your Feelings is Zurich Ireland's community investment initiative, run in partnership with Rugby Players Ireland (formerly IRUPA). It aims to reduce the stigma around mental health and provide people with the tools and resources to be more proactive in looking after their emotional wellbeing.
Mental health is a growing health, social and economic issue in Ireland. It is expected that depressive mental illnesses will be the leading cause of chronic disease in high-income countries by 2030 and 1-in-4 will experience mental health problems during their lifetime*. The Irish mortality rate from suicide in the 15-24 age group is the fourth highest in the EU, and the third highest among young men aged 15-19.

Tackle Your Feelings (TYF) was established with a clear vision to promote the view that being honest with how you are feeling is brave. Being connected to your emotions encourages people to open up to others for support, and by taking this preventative measure, allows people to look after and maintain their mental and emotional wellbeing.

The campaign

Tackle Your Feelings (TYF) is supported by the Zurich Foundation. The campaign was in launched in 2016 and has seen some of Ireland's rugby heroes step forward to share their own stories of the challenges they have faced and have encouraged others to share their rel="noopener noreferrer" stories through the TYF Café. The response to the campaign so far has been very positive; gaining huge traction on social media, as well as in the mainstream media, and the feedback from those who have engaged in the campaign tells us that we are making a difference.

Tackle Your Feelings Rugby Players Ireland Ambassadors, Connaught's Jake Heenan, former Leinster player Shane Jennings and Irish rugby union player for Leinster Rugby, Jack McGrath shared their emotional wellness stories and explained why it's important to be open about our feelings and be brave enough to seek support. Their videos are available to view on our YouTube channel.

Impact Report 2018

Rugby Players Ireland along with Zurich Ireland have produced a Tackle Your Feelings impact report so that we can determine the effect the campaign has had within the community. Below are some of the key highlights from the report:

  • Over 2 million ambassador video views.
  • Almost 7000 app downloads.
  • Almost 3000 people attended a TYF workshop.
  • 92% of people improved their mental wellbeing score in the TYF app.
  • 42% of workshop participants increased the frequency of looking after their mental wellbeing to once or more per week.

Read the full report here.

The App

The Tackle Your Feelings App aims to encourage users to be proactive about their mental wellbeing using sport and positive psychology principles. It encourages users to prioritise their mental wellbeing in the same way as their nutrition and taking exercise, instead of waiting for a problem to manifest before taking action. Users are guided through an engaging 'Training Camp' programme, which will help to develop their self-awareness while offering a chance to try out different strategies to improve their mental and emotional wellbeing.

The tools and techniques featured in the Tackle Your Feelings App specifically help users to improve their optimism, resilience, confidence, satisfaction, relaxation, happiness and relationships. Users can then go on to explore some of the techniques that work best for them, taking positive steps towards safeguarding their mental wellbeing into the future. Through setting goals and reflecting on their progress, users can expect to learn how to maximise their mental wellbeing and gain confidence in using practical strategies to help them do so.

The App is available free to download through the Apple and Play App stores.

Employee engagement

As part of the Tackle Your Feelings initiative, Rugby Players Ireland and Zurich hosted a number of events in 2016 to promote mental wellness to Zurich employees. In Dublin and Wexford, panel discussions took place featuring TYF Zurich Ambassadors who shared their personal stories about dealing with a mental wellbeing challenge, along with former Leinster and Ireland player, Shane Jennings and mental health expert and Clinical Psychologist, Dr Eddie Murphy who provided practical advice on how to proactively manage mental wellbeing.

Employee feedback after event was extremely positive:

"I think this is one of the best initiatives I have seen Zurich support. I'm proud of the efforts the organisation is putting into this issue - congratulations to all involved."

"I was impressed and believe that it is a genuine effort by the company to support and do it in an appropriate and informed way."

"One of the best events I have attended in my long career with Zurich."

Find out how you can #TackleYourFeelings by visiting www.tackleyourfeelings.com which serves as a comprehensive resource for people dealing with mental wellbeing issues, as well as family and friends, through interactive tools, information and advice.

* http://health.gov.ie/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/HealthyIrelandBrochureWA2.pdf who have the following reference: McManus S, Meltzer H, Brugha T, al e. Adult Psychiatric Morbidity in England, 2007: Results of a household survey. Leeds: NHS Information centre for health and social care, 2009.