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Headway provides rehabilitation to brain injury survivors and support to family members. Being awarded funding from the Innovate Together Fund by Rethink Ireland and corporate partners including Z Zurich Foundation, enables the organisation to deliver remote learning to its clients to continue their rehabilitation.

We all know that people are one of the most important assets in every successful organisation. While a person’s salary is incredibly important, it isn’t the only financial reward at your disposal.

Markets rose last week but were off record highs as investors weighed the short-term negativity with the potential for a more positive medium to long term outlook, writes Ian Slattery.
Stocks fell last week as surging COVID-19 cases and worries in relation to vaccine roll outs took hold, writes Ian Slattery.

As we wave goodbye to 2020 it is an opportune time to take stock of investment markets in a year that has been truly remarkable in every sense.

Equities took higher US bond yields in their stride as the US market closed at a record high on Friday, writes Ian Slattery.
Nearly half of all working adults do not have a pension according to Zurich’s latest pension research, which highlights the challenges people face when trying to save for their retirement, and their need for financial planning advice.
Markets were relatively calm last week, in a shortened trading week given the festive period, writes Ian Slattery.

Zurich Life’s active management means careful investment strategies can drive retirement income, despite what’s going on in the world. This article is an Irish Times Content Studio production.

From contributions to employment status, company schemes and more, Mike Ainsworth, head of technical services at Zurich Life, has all the answers you need to get set up to save for your future. This article is an Irish Times Content Studio production.