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Nearly half of all working adults do not have a pension according to Zurich’s latest pension research, which highlights the challenges people face when trying to save for their retirement, and their need for financial planning advice.
Family wealth planning is important at any stage in life and taking an active approach early can positively impact your future financial health, according to Micheál O'Driscoll, MD of FDC Financial Services.
Pat Scully has worked hard and made some sacrifices along the way so he can enjoy a good quality of life when he reaches retirement. 
Some people are sandwiched in the middle of family lines, providing for both children and parents. What financial pressures do they face, and what are the advice needs of this sandwich generation?

Since COVID-19 more people are reflecting and evaluating the important aspects of their lives. Family and health are priority and a person’s financial wellbeing is intrinsically linked to both, writes Maurice Ryan, Customer and Corporate Distribution Manager at Zurich.

The tradition of making hurling sticks is steeped in age-old techniques, but Barry Reynolds is taking a future-first approach and transforming traditional ash hurls into composite ones.

Galway chef and restaurateur, JP McMahon talks to Zurich about why he thinks the future of food is connectivity. He also shares what he sees as his vision for gastronomy in Ireland.

Sara Urasini and Brian Stephens, product and experience designers at Design Partners, talk to Zurich about wearable technology and why the future is closer than we think. 

David Craig and Niall Henry are revolutionising architectural and product design. They talk to Zurich about how contemporary design is impacting how we will live in the future.  

Pensions don’t have to be complicated but if you're a trustee, an employer, or a scheme advisor, it can sometimes feel like the opposite, and being informed on the ever-changing landscape and what it means for your business is important.