How to save fuel by driving efficiently

Rising fuel prices have left many of us wondering if there is a way to save fuel while driving? We might not have much control over what we pay at the petrol pump, but these handy driving techniques could help you save fuel when driving.

Fuel-efficient driving can save you money, improve road safety and prevent wear on your vehicle. If you are looking to save on fuel costs, read also our article on the most fuel efficient cars in Ireland. Here are 10 fuel-efficient driving techniques to lower your vehicle’s fuel consumption:


To find out where you could get the cheapest petrol or diesel, find an app that can show you fuel prices nationwide. The is a handy app that lets you find the cheapest fuel stations across Ireland based on your location.

Avoid acceleration

When driving, speeding up and slowing down is where your car uses the most fuel. When pulling away do so gently and likewise when slowing down work down the gears rather than too quickly.

Air conditioning

Use the air con and heating in your car sparingly if possible as it can add to your fuel consumption. Open the window if too warm and wear warmer clothes if the weather is cooler.


Do you have a roof or bicycle rack that isn’t being used? Remove when not needed to reduce drag.


General car maintenance throughout the year can keep your car in good working order, making it more reliable and less prone to breakdowns. It can also ensure that your car runs more efficiently.

Necessary trips

It might sound obvious, but for shorter journeys, perhaps you don’t need your car and can walk, cycle or use public transport?


Plan your journey in advance especially if you are driving to somewhere new for the first time. Getting lost unnecessarily will increase your fuel consumption so if you plan where you are going you can avoid this.


Keep the speed at which you are driving consistent if possible. Although this may be difficult when you are driving in traffic, if you are on a motorway, you should be able to keep your driving at a more consistent speed which should see you use less fuel.


Car tyres should be checked every month, and more frequently if you drive a lot. Driving a vehicle with tires under-inflated can increase fuel consumption.


Can you lose some weight from your vehicle? Unnecessary and heavy items in the boot of your car or in the back of your van can add to your load which will increase your fuel consumption, so reduce your load where you can.

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